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Sod Production

Whether you are wanting to lay sod for an instant lawn or have decided to seed, Pinnacle can help you out.

In 2014 we started growing sod using WaterStar quality seed. WaterStar seed has been tested independently by the Turfgass Water Conservation Alliance and has met their drought tolerant standards. When our sod is mature, you can expect to use up to 50% less water than traditional sod.

If you are located in Taber, Coaldale, Lethbridge, Brooks, Medicine Hat, or surrounding areas in Southern Alberta, please contact us for a quote on your sod!

We can also provide you with fertilizer to keep your lawn lush and healthy. Big blue bags are also available.

Sod installation and delivery are also available. Please call or for more details.

Measuring Guide

All Pinnacle Sod is sold by the square foot. It’s always a good plan to add an extra 5% to total for wastage. Better to have more than not enough to finish the job. For more complex yards it’s best to draw the area and break down into sections for measurement. Then total the areas measured in square feet.
Area of Square or Rectangle
Length x Width
"B"ase is 10' and the "H"eight is 10'
10’ x 10' = 100 sq. ft.
Area of Triangle
(Base x Height) Divided by 2
“B”ase is 10' and the “H”eight (base to point) is 20' then divided by 2.
10 b x 20 h divided by 2=100 sq. ft.
Area of a Circle
3.14 x Radius Squared (x2)
Circles’ radius (r) is 10'. Multiply the known 3.14 by the radius squared.
3.14 x 10 X 10
3.14 x 100= 314 sq. ft.
Terms and Conditions for Sale:
C.O.D. unless established account. Established credit accounts are Net 30 days. Interest charged at 2% per month on overdue accounts.

Monday to Saturday delivery is available. A minimum or 2 days notice is recommended.

Pallet Refunds:
Pallets can be returned to our farm. Pallets must be in useable order to get refund. Credit for returned pallets will be applied as a credit to established accounts, or a cheque will be made out to you with in the week of return.

Goods must be checked on arrival by the purchaser. Claims must be made in writing within 24 hours. Pinnacle Plants & Contracting ltd. will not be liable for more than the cost of the goods purchased.

Please Note:
Turf is a perishable product, it should be laid immediately upon delivery. Failure to lay and water sod within a reasonable time period voids any claims. All orders made are final if harvesting of turf has been done. We will try work with you to avoid any problems with this. We cannot be held responsible for losses caused by conditions beyond our control, regarding things with the weather.